28/02/2019 - Interviews


Pénélope Leprévost

- Your best memory with a horse?
My first Grand Prix 5* victory in Paris, surrounded by my family and friends, with my beloved Mylord Carthago.

- A rider that inspires you, and why?
Ludger Beerbaum, naturally, for his performances at the highest level. But what I find really amazing is the whole structure he has been able to set up to train young riders to achieve the highest standards,
while still managing his family life.

- What do you think about when you begin a show-jumping course?
Just about the course I have to do.

- What is your main quality?

- And your main fault?

- A groom must be ... ?
Dynamic and organised, but above all they must love horses.

- For you, a horse is ...?
What makes me want to get up each morning.

- To be a top rider, you need....?

- A good horse is …?
One that always gives the best of itself to its rider,
whatever its potential.

- Give us the name of an elegant rider on the circuit?
Beat Mändli

- Your worst memory with a horse? Flora’s colic in Rio at the Olympics? 
A real nightmare on the human and the sporting level.

- Who do you most admire in the equestrian world and why?
Ludger Beerbaum (see question 2 above)

- Do you prefer being an Olympic medallist (as an individual)
or a world champion?

An Olympic medallist. I don’t think you could dream of anything better!

- A word that defines Christophe Ameeuw?

- A word that defines Stephan Conter?

- A word that defines Jan Tops?

To keep the emotion,
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