Where does your passion for horses and equestrian sports come FROM?
My father has always loved horses but he never rode them. one day he decided to enroll me in a club and give me the opportunity to try it out. i immediately fell in love with it. i started by riding casually and then i started to jump. my father has followed me since my first competition. I was probably 13 years old.

WHAT’s your best memory related to this SPORT?
it happened quite recently. it was in la baule this year when i won the young talents grand prix with simara alia. i had been having a lot of good results but i had never won a class. this victory was a reward for the work i’ve been doing with my new coach, marcel delestre, AND with simon delestre. i moved into their stables a few months ago. this will remain a good memory, until new ones come, i hope! we keep working hard everyday to get there.

Which show jumping event would be a dream come true?
for the amazing settings, i would say the miami and paris stages of the longines global champions circuit.

Which horse of the 5 star circuit thrills you the most?
daisy, ridden by meredith michaels-beerbaum, is a mare that has all the qualities in the world.

What’s your favourite city?
casablanca, because it’s my hometown, but i also love miami.

which object do you always keep with you?
i always wear my necklace, a gift from my mother.

who is the athlete you admire the most?
michael schumacher, and in show jumping, simon delestre.

what kind of music do you like?
i like modern music and also house music, like solomun, for example.

what’s your favourite holiday destination?
without hesitation, ibiza !

WHAT’s your favourite TV SERIES?
right now, i’m watching narcos.

what is your everyday car? and your dream car?
my everyday car is a audi a7. it’s already a dream car to me! if i could pick a higher range, i would choose the audi rs7 performance. but i am very happy with the car i have today.

what are your expectations for your career in the coming months?
I have just qualified for the world equestrian games to represent my country, morocco. it’s a beautiful event and a major goal for the coming months. it would make me very proud to have a good performance there!