31/10/2018 - Interviews


Gregory Wathelet

Your favorite memory with a horse?
it’s hard to pick one because there are so many, but I would say the day when Forlap came back home to me at the end of November 2016.

A male or female rider you find inspiring and why?
John Whitaker for his victories, his simplicity, and for having achieved so much success through the generations.

What do you think about just before jumping an obstacle?
jI just think about what I have to do.

What is your main strength? 
I’m calm and collected

A groom should be...? 
hardworking, passionate and fully dedicated to their horses.

For you, a horse is?
like a friend

Becoming a top rider takes...? 
a lot of hard work and, above all, commitment.

A good horse is...?
the one that meets our expectations regardless of the level.

Name one of the most elegant male or female riders on the circuit?
I would say Marco Kutcher for men and Penelope Leprévost for women.

Your worst memory with a horse?

Who do you admire most in equestrianism and why?
my parents because without them I would never have accomplished all this. 

Christophe Ameeuw in a word?
ambitious and creative

Stephan Conter in a word? 

Jan Tops in a word? 

Would you rather win an Olympic gold medal or a world championship?  Olympic medal

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