09/02/2018 - Reportages

Asia Horse Week,

a sign of the times

The unique identity for the inaugural Asia Horse Week reflects, through its logo, on the very nature of equestrian life and its modern manifestations of long-held traditions.

Like the Asia Horse Week event itself, the design promotes the notion that knowledge should be shared, inspired as it was by age-old Shang Chinese script which itself was passed down and evolved through the centuries to form the Chinese character for “ma” or “horse.”   It is a design that reveals human kind’s ancient connections with this noblest of beasts – a connection Asians share with those all over the world and one which will be celebrated as the Asia Horse Week turns its focus to share knowledge which explores and promotes the expansion of the modern equine industry.

Just as those ancient Shang scripts were at the genesis of modern Chinese texts so too the inaugural Asia Horse Week will lay the foundations for the evolution of equestrian sports across Asia, growing with them as they continue to spread their reach across the region.  Asia Horse Week, the new annual meeting point for the equestrian community in Asia. Don’t miss the first edition, 8th-11th Feb. – AsiaWorld-Expo, alongside the Longines Masters of Hong Kong. www.asiahorseweek.com #AsiaHorseWeek

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