10/05/2017 - Lifestyle

BY Nathalie Marchal

Lovely, isn’t it ?


He wears black glasses and loves well-cut, colorful clothes, she always hides from the sun under an umbrella, he combines an offbeat humor with a phlegmatic strictness…

Beyond stereotypes – even clichés – that will never leave you, there are attitudes, ways of being, of dressing, of behaving, that undeniably sign our specificity. Like for example…

Longines World’s Best Racehorse

La vita è bella !

Under the Italian sun, jet black hair, tanned skin, sunglasses and a fashionable outfit are part of his charm. Macho? In any case, he uses flirt as an art. And he speaks with his hands. His gestures are as elegant as his language. What if he gets angry? “La mano a borsa” – literally “the hand like a purse” underlines his state of mind as if it had a life of its own: the tips of the five fingers are put together and he shakes his hand up and down in an irritated manner. A huge coffee lover - ristretto, espresso, caffé lungo, cappuccino…-, he honors the precious beverage with a touch of poetry according to the time and place, the type of coffee or the distinctive design of the coffee cup. He is also the king of “gelati”, the best ice-cream in the world, full of surprising, extravagant flavors. In general, Italians pay extreme attention to preparing and savoring a meal or an aperitif (a Spritz, a Prosecco), from the antipasti to the primo piatto, from the secondo piatto to the dessert (like the famous tiramisù) and why not finish the feast with a bit of Limoncello. Fashion-driven, elegance is to him and to her like a second nature, a mix of audacity and sophistication: impeccable cut, perfect slim fit, a charming allure and the very Italian ambivalence between rigor and casualness. He loves burgundy, almond green and mustard yellow. She loves dresses, hard stone jewelry and sunny colors. A sort of classic exuberance after all. They are both fond of quality and design, so they innately cherish style. In Italy, elegance is a way of being, of feeling well, through which you are true to yourself above all.

Longines World’s Best Racehorse

A haze of milk

His intellectual precision shows in his physical posture, as does his moral strictness: the code of behavior of the English gentleman governs his attitude and translates his visceral attachment to values like the sense of humor, friendship or tradition. The code of honor, for example, establishes the bases by which behavior is judged. Decency, honesty, the will to do right and dignity are also required. At the same time, the sense of humor – the famous English humor- is a paradox that is played every day with British rigor. It’s all about evoking an absurd, offset and crazy reality while remaining serious. Everything comes down to the use of words to create derision even with the gravest subjects. As to the English Lady, we see her as delicate, gracious and elegant. She enjoys pomp and honors with a playful coquetry, respecting decorum and the nobility of manners. In the United Kingdom, “tea time” is an important ceremony - a ritual that every British gentleman or lady of good taste will describe with positive adjectives. Just wonderful!

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