22/08/2017 - Portraits

Wild horses

Anouk Krantz

In Europe, the wild horses of Camargue are probably the most familiar to us. But there are other parts of the world where wild horses are even more widespread: Australia or Namibia, for example. And then there is the USA, where the Mustang is the most renowned wild horse. It has even lent its name to a legendary automobile. But the Mustang is not the only American wild horse. Anouk Krantz has just launched her work Wild Horses of Cumberland Island, published by Images Publishing. Her photos of these beautiful animals on an island in the East Coast of the United States so far unknown to us are immensely gracious. Those who follow the ceremonies and celebrations of the Gotha will eventually remember that it was in a small chapel on this island that John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette have made their vows of love and fidelity in 1996. These wild horses find on this island the clear water and the adequate ecosystems to feed them. Although they live independently from all human intervention, they do not fear any visitor who comes close to them. They sometimes come close to inhabited areas themselves. The origin of these horses and their presence on the island, a place that has no doubt been one of the first to be inhabited by Native Indian Americans according to scientists, remains a mystery until now. A non-confirmed source refers their introduction on the island by the first Spanish missionaries.


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